Lille’s University course offering is complete and covers all disciplinary fields. In 2014, the two key improvements were a new undergraduate course offering and the start of a common Lille University strategy for the master’s course offering. The universities have started the work to standardize their courses. 2015 coincides with the opening of our new Master’s Degrees programmes and the development of a joint policy concerning campus life.

Academic teams have worked on establishing common masters, especially in management and biology-health domains. This strategy is used to increase interactions between students and between teachers, as well  as to ease the inter-site coordination of these study programmes.

The "ESJ Lille Journalism Programme" (which started off in  2014/2015) is an example of cooperation between establishments (University of Lille and ESJ Lille). This programme is meant to prepare students, as of their first year, for their entry into the media world as they follow their courses at the ESJ.

For the 2015/2016 academic year, the following Master's degrees have been launched

·      A separate master’s each in Finance, Accounting/Control/Audit, and Marketing

·      Health Biology, with a close cooperation between the University of Lille, Science and Technology and the University of Lille, Health and Law.

·      A programme with the University of Lille, Health and Law and the University of Lille Human and Social Sciences, “Health Trajectory Coordination,” which trains students, for example, to be patient education managers or health coordinators.

Lifelong learning is a major priority for the University of Lille as career and life paths are increasingly seen as evolutive. The challenge of lifelong learning is to guarantee that anyone is able to enter or return to a higher education programme, at any point along his or her career path.

The University of Lille is seeking to reinforce services for career guidance, support, and individual remediation.

Our objective is to create a synergy between practices and procedures for guidance between different establishments in order to help students stay on track and optimize their chances for success.

The professional success of our alumni is a strategic pillar for the University of Lille. We help students envision their future careers, and introduce them to the diversity of the professional world as well as entrepreneurship. We also seek to develop a network of partners in the professional world, who offer their advice and skills in the classroom, in addition to internship possibilities for our students. Finally, our ambition is to include profession-oriented teaching in our courses and to produce instructive indicators and surveys available to all.

The Career Services Offices and their locations on the University’s campuses stand as an essential link between students, teachers, and the socio-economic sphere.

These various initiatives will help develop social exchange networks and student services.

Academic Fields

The University of Lille offers coursework across 11 domains:

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Science and Technology
Health and Law
Human and Social Sciences

The Hubhouse, Support for Entrepreneurs

The Hubhouse is an initiative of the Nord-Pas de Calais region in partnership with its universities and schools. It's the only centre of its kind in France and its goal is to help all students make their business projects reality.

All students currently enrolled in the University and recent graduates.

  • support students as they grow and refine their project
  • enrich their entrepreneurial knowledge
  • help them build a network of professionals and other entrepreneurs
  • offer conferences, round tables, and themed lunches with professionals
  • conduct educational workshops
  • organize entrepreneurial competitions
  • provide resources, both textual and technological
  • make a workspace available for their use