International student

Planning your arrival

All you need to know to plan for your studies here

You must be selected by your home university

If you have been selected, please fill in an application form from the University of Lille. The application form is to be signed by your coordinator or your international relations office and must be sent before the xxx (for students coming for the 1st semester and the full year) or before the xxxx (for students coming in the 2nd semester) by post to the international relations office

If your application for registration at the University of Lille is accepted

If your application for registration at the University of Lille is accepted, you will receive confirmation of acceptance by e-mail and a registration authorisation by mail for students coming from a country outside the European Union.

Please note, if you are a student from a country outside the European Union (except Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) you must apply for a visa from the French consular services in your country.

The visa is mandatory for all stays longer than 3 months. Without the visa, you will not be able to register at the University of Lille.

For all your questions, you can write to: incominguniv-lillefr

You can refer to our course offering to find out about the courses in more detail.

General information

The schedule for the welcome week will be sent to you by e-mail.

Offer of accommodation in a university residence

Where possible, the international relations office (SRI) can provide rooms in a Crous university residence. Please note, this accommodation is offered by the international relations office. The SRI is unable to meet every request and cannot be held responsible if your request is unsuccessful.

To apply for accommodation, you must complete the booking form sent with the acceptance e-mail. You will receive a reply in July (for students coming for the 1st semester and the full year).

If you do not confirm within a week, the reservation will be cancelled.

Level of French required

CEFR level B2 French is required.

Most courses are taught in French and the majority of exams are written. We advise you to take French as a foreign language classes before your visit, or to follow our MOOC defilDelf. Follow this link to find a list of foreign language centres.

French as a foreign language classes at the University of Lille the DEFI (department of French as a foreign language) offers language support courses in FFL as well as French courses in specific scientific fields (from the maison des langues).

We advise you to arrive in Lille in early September (Monday to Friday so that we can welcome you). Upon your arrival, we invite you to introduce yourself to the international relations office for your course.

Administrative registration

On the day of your arrival in Lille, you must be in possession of the following documents (if these documents were not sent with your application):

  • Original or photocopy of the student card from your home university indicating your registration for the current semester
  • Your original learning agreement
  • 1 identity photo (with your name on the back)
  • Original and photocopy of your identity document or passport
  • For non-European students, original and photocopy of your student visa
  • Original and photocopy of your European health insurance card or a certificate from the insurance company in your name stating if you are insured during your stay in France

Social security

Non-European students under the age of 28 must join the Student Social Security scheme when registering at the University of Lille. (€215)

The student card

International relations will then give you an administrative registration form to complete in order to obtain your student card from the University of Lille.

The visa

Please note that the visa application only concerns students outside the European Union (with the exception of Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, which are exempted from the visa requirement)

The student visa is required in order to register.

Depending on the length of your stay, the consular services will issue you with a short or long-stay visa, upon presentation of an invitation letter from the University of Lille.

If you do not have the visa required for your stay, you will have to return to your country of origin in order to apply for one from the French consular services.

You will be given an OFII certificate application with your visa, which must be returned within 3 months following your arrival in France. You will then be invited to proceed with the registration formalities.

For more details, see the OFII website.

Choice of course and learning agreement changes form

After classes have started, you  have 3 weeks in which to:

  • put together your schedule with the classes you intend to take during the semester
  • consult the timetables which are displayed at the start of the semester by the department of studies
  • make any changes to your learning agreement and have it signed by the Department coordinator

Exam registration

Exam registration will take place 3 weeks after the student’s arrival through International Relations and the course secretaries’ offices.

The student will have to show the precise list of classes that he/she is taking during the semester (curriculum form given out at registration).

No more changes will be allowed after this date.

Before leaving, you must go to the international relations office in order to:

  • check your personal contact details and those of your coordinator or the international relations office of your university
  • make a note of the courses and exams you have taken and the ECTS credits you have earned
  • receive the end of stay certificate, which must be given to the International Relations office of your home university for your Erasmus grant

International student week

Every year, international student week is dedicated to international students. This is an opportunity for them to take part in fun social events that will help them to settle in more quickly.

The university also works with the Lille Erasmus student network (ESN) to welcome them and support them throughout their stay under the best conditions possible. A welcome ceremony is also held.

Exchange students can also benefit from a recently built international residence, Reeflex.