Hosting foreign researchers

The University of Lille offers a privileged high-level scientific environment, spread over 5 main campuses, interconnected by the metro, and in close proximity to business parks and incubators.

An unspoilt environment

Beyond this competitive scientific environment, the various campuses offer a quality living environment that respects the environment and is committed to sustainable development: development of pedestrian areas, awareness of bicycle travel, involvement in ecological grazing, etc. These priorities are accompanied by a support system for people with disabilities. 

Foreign research professors may stay at the university under the Erasmus programme (teaching period of up to eight weeks with a bilateral partnership agreement) or be invited as guest lecturers.The University of Lille invites foreign research professors to stay for 1 to 4 weeks, to teach or conduct research.The logistics (plane ticket, accommodation) are entirely handled by the international relations office.Teachers receive a fee for the hours spent on teaching or research.

Other hosting schemes at the regional, national or international level.

The Hauts-de-France Region has a Euraxess mobility centre. This centre facilitates the international mobility of research professors by offering a large number of services in addition to those offered by the University of Lille (finding housing, help with visas/residence permits, registration at the crèche, at the school, French classes, etc.).

For more information on these schemes, see the international relations website

Environment and services:

  • 8,000 homes in student housing
  • 40 homes in hotel residences for researchers and French and foreign teachers
  • 10 university restaurants,
  • 3 breweries, 18 cafeterias, 6 sandwich bars
  • 2 crèches
  • many sports facilities
  • cultural spaces (cinema, shows)
  • a dedicated events space