I-Site université Lille Nord-Europe

Lille is now a university of excellence, with the official I-SITE label awarded in February 2017.

The I-sITE University Lille Nord-Europe aims to create a major university of a new type, bringing together the University of Lille, top French schools, the university hospital and the Pasteur Lille, with the increased support of the CNRS, Inserm and Inria.

The aim is to effect a complete transformation of the entire research and higher education landscape throughout the region in order to facilitate interaction between disciplines, between teaching innovation and research, and between the academic and socio-economic worlds. The goal is also to reinforce the university’s partnerships with major international, (particularly European) universities, and become a major player in Europe based on knowledge.

Research excellence will be structured and reinforced around three major interdisciplinary and interconnected themes: health, the planet and intelligence. The construction of a European campus will help boost the attractivity of the region and international cooperation in academics and research, via a special partnership with the KU Leuven and closer collaboration with a number of universities (particularly the University of ghent, the Catholic University of Louvain and the University of Wageningen).