Platforms and infrastructures

The University of Lille and research stakeholders in the region have pooled their large items of scientific equipment and infrastructure in order to make them more accessible to the academic and private sectors

16 platforms and infrastructures

Genomics platform dedicated to genome and transcriptome analysis for academic and private research teams.

The proximity between basic research and clinical research, to which the platform’s activities make a large contribution, leads to the implementation of innovative care protocols.

Multisites, the proteomics and mass spectrometry platform dealing with issues related to proteomic, glycomic and metabolomic analysis of complex samples, has the ability to improve on current analytical techniques.

Bilille offers a range of diversified local services, from advice to support for research projects.

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Multisites, the bioimaging center Lille brings together all of the cutting-edge imaging and cytometry technologies dedicated to cell and tissue biology as well as small rodents and aquatic animals. Labelled GIS IBISA and ISO9001 certified, the platform is nationally renowned for its expertise and has benefited from the financial support of the investissement d'avenir Programme (Equipex ImagInEx BioMed).

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The preclinical imaging platform has a micro-PET scanner and a 7T micro-MRI scanner for morphological and functional studies of rodents (rats, mice) and a 0.2 T open-field MRI for anatomical studies of large animals (sheep, pigs). The clinical research platform has a 3T MRI scanner dedicated to clinical research and two clinical PET scanners for studies on groups of patients or volunteers (cohorts).

The experimental resources platform provides accommodation for animals and allows experimentation with various animal models under controlled conditions within specialist units. Rodent accommodation is also available at different levels of confinement, from A1 to A3, according to european regulations.

The infrastructure allows explorations of behaviour and metabolism as well as the study of specific parameters. In each project, the research teams are helped to follow an ethical approach, in accordance with the principles of the 3Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement).

The technology and skills offering of the biology, biotechnology and agribusiness platforms is central to the basic and applied research activities in biology, intersecting with chemistry, physics and computer science. Based on original technological developments, these platforms provide the academic and private scientific community with a level of expertise and know-how unique in the Lille metropolitan area, in the fields of structural and functional analysis on the molecular and cellular scales, and biotechnology.

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The nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) platform, spread over 4 geographical sites, provides the scientific community with a wide range of equipment for studying solid and liquid samples based on their magnetic properties.

The materials chemistry sector has extensive facilities for synthesis and advanced characterisations, open to a wide range of academic and partnership research activities. Its platforms are nationally and internationally renowned for their high-tech instruments, as well as their expertise and know-how in chemical and structural analysis. Hosted by the Michel-Eugène Chevreul Institute, they provide a privileged place for methodological or technological developments and favour the convergence of numerous collaborative research projects.

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The technological and skills offering of the mechanical and civil engineering platforms is central to the basic and applied research activities in fluid and solids mechanics, intersecting with mathematics and physics. Based on original metrological developments, these platforms offer the academic and private scientific community a level of expertise and know-how that is unique in the Lille area, in the fields of physical analysis and understanding of turbulent flows, mechanical problems of materials, tribology and long-term behaviour of civil engineering structures, etc. There are many applications in the field of transport, energy, environment, etc.

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Environmental Sciences offer high-level expertise and equipment for academic research teams and the industrial community. These devices for observing the atmosphere, the climate, marine and coastal environments, and monitoring biodiversity and cultivation of plant species cover all environmental topics (satellite observations, atmospheric physics and chemistry, atmosphere, astrophysics, oceanology, ecology, etc.). Some platforms are part of national networks (CNRS, CNES, etc.). They also bring their expertise and advice to local authorities as well as regional and national associations and agencies.

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The information and communication technologies sector provides significant technical resources and high-level expertise to researchers and academic and industrial partners. This state-of-the-art equipment is indispensable for the development of innovative research and covers a broad spectrum ranging from tools for design, manufacturing and characterisation of nanocomponents and telecommunication systems, all the way through to interaction and imaging. Some platforms belong to the national network of large technology research centres.

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Numerical simulation and supercomputing are genuine tools for innovation and competitiveness. They represent a major challenge as they are central to the research activities of a large number of research units. These units cover numerical methods in mathematics, distributed parallel computing, and various application-oriented fields, including physics, chemistry, mechanics, electronics, biology, etc. These activities are based on a comprehensive high-level offering including an intensive computing skills hub and a production cluster, a calculation grid (Grid'5000), a simulation centre and an international master’s degree.

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The research and innovation in digital and interactive visual environments (IrDIVE) platform provides technological support for the development of visual sciences and cultures and the scientific programme of the interdisciplinary cluster for the advancement of visual studies (iCAVS) at the plaine images site in Tourcoing.

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The university data platform of Lille (PUDL) supports quantitative research in the humanities and social sciences. It aims to promote the use of large surveys, databases, indicators and other data processed quantitatively in the humanities and social sciences. The PUDL is a component of PROGEDO, the very large-scale research infrastructure dedicated to data production and management in the humanities and social sciences.

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The aim of the Lille bibliometrics platform “Lillometrics” is to analyse partners’ scientific production and to improve its visibility. It pools the publication data collected within each institution. These raw data are collected at the individual level and then consolidated, shared and analysed according to different levels of granularity and different criteria. Within the limits of intellectual property and personal data legislation, the platform promotes the openness and interoperability of raw data with other applications dedicated to research (researcher directories, international bibliographic and bibliometric databases, open archives, etc.), in order to increase the visibility of research and share the task of improving the reliability of publication data.

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