Laboratories and equipment of excellence

The University of Lille’s excellence in research is recognised through the projects of the investissements d’avenir programme (PIA). These projects are allocated significant resources in the long term in order to build an integrated policy of research, training and value creation.

Laboratories of excellence

  • Egid, european genomic institute for diabetes
  • Distalz, development of innovative strategies for a transdisciplinary approach to alzheimer’s disease
  • ParaFrap, French parasitology alliance for health care
  • Cappa, chemical and physical properties of the atmosphere
  • Cempi, European centre for mathematics, physics and their interactions

Facilities of excellence

  • Imaginex Biomed, microscopy platform for high-content screening and high-resolution analysis in the biomedical field
  • Excelsior, experimental centre for the study of properties of nanodevices in a wide spectrum of microwaves using infra-red technology
  • Irdive, innovative research platform in digital and interactive visual environments 
  • Leaf, platform of laser treatment for multifunctional flexible electronics
  • Realcat, integrated platform in high-speed catalysis for bio-refineries
  • Ligan PM, Lille platform for new generation genome sequencing
  • Flux, fibre optics for high-level flows

Other scientific projects

  • Siric: Oncolille (integrated research site for cancer)
  • Licend, Lille centre of excellence for neurodegenerative disorders
  • ITE French Institute for agro-based materials
  • IRT Railénium, technological research institute for railways
  • RHU Precinash: university hospital research into steatohepatitis