Planning your arrival

All you need to know to plan for your studies is here.

To get further information, please check the starter book 

·         University accommodation – « CROUS »

International students in exchange programs can apply for CROUS university accommodation because the Direction of International mobilities has a number of reserved rooms. The rooms on the university campus are (sometimes but not always) smaller and less comfortable than a studio in town, but they have financial advantages: they are cheap, are exempt from the housing tax, and for electricity, gas or other utilities, no need to deal with the contract.

Warning: The reception capacity in the university residences being extremely limited, not all the requests can be retained. International students will be required to complete an online student social file on the CROUS website. The DSE must be entered before entering the residence and you will have to pay a fee of € 6.

International students that are not part of an exchange program (freemovers) must follow an individual housing application procedure by directly applying to CROUS international service.

Warning: the chances of being accepted are very limited, it is advisable to have a backup plan.

The application for admission must be made on the website:

Contact: or antenne.lille1crous-lillefr.

To get further information, please consult this guide

·         Studapart – University of Lille

Studapart has become the on-line housing service of more than 150 schools and universities, among the most renowned in France. It is a platform directly connected to the University of Lille offering various offers to help students find their home.

Take advantage of this offer specifically dedicated to students which will facilitate the search for housing in metropolitan France!

Studapart vouches for you and guarantee your rents!

In order to find accommodation in France, you must have a guarantor resident in France. This is mainly why the University of Lille works in partnership with this platform in order to:

·         to have access to housing without French guarantor.

·         to reserve your accommodation with only two administrative documents: identity document and letter of admission at the University of Lille.

·         to make your reservation on line.

A multilingual support team (French, English, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin) is available 6 days a week to assist you in your housing search. Do not hesitate to contact them on 01 80 92 01 or bookingstudapartcom

How do I connect?

A student with access to the ENT (espace numérique de travail): registration to the platform by clicking on "Student login" then on "Connect with the Intranet"

For a student / registered candidate who does not have access to his institutional mail: in order to connect you will need a password. To obtain it, please send an email to: exchange-helpdeskuniv-lillefr

Contact student support team: +33 (0) 1 80 92 64 01 or

Go to:

·         HousingAnywhere

This service connects French students who are doing an exchange program and who are willing to let their room/flat for the time of their stay abroad to foreign exchange students who are looking for a room/flat during their stay in Lille. It is a win-win situation! The French students can get their room back when they return, and the foreign students can have access to authentic French accommodation suitable for them.

In the frame of the partnership, the University of Lille maintains a permanent contact with HousingAnywhere, that provides our students with a privileged access to all offers and a scrutiny of special requests. In addition, if the room doesn’t comply exactly with the advertisement, HousingAnywhere reserves the right to steer immediately the students towards another flat/room and to refuse to pay the rent. Finally, the partnership we maintain with HousingAnywhere offers discounts on the bookings fees.

Further information, please take a look to this guide




Before registering to University of Lille, you have to give a proof of payment of " CVEC ". "CVEC" is the contribution/tax to student life and to campus (CVEC). Its annual cost is €90, and it has to be paid to "CROUS".

But what is "CVEC"?It must enable to create, to strengthen and to reinforce various services in your institution and your universitary "CROUS", for example, for:

For your health | To get access to cares on the campus and renovate the prevention policy

  • Carry on the development of university health centers
  • Open the system of students' health-take-over (ERS)
  • Reinforce the action of university health services in the field of sexual health (means of contraception, screening for "IST" ...)

To promote social support

  • To reinforce the social workers teams in universities and CROUS

To support your initiatives

  • More financing of projects and students 'associations

To develop sport on campuses

  • A "on the year along" access to more diversified activities and sport events

To support art and culture in the institutions of higher education

  • Access to concerts, exhibitions, cultural events and art workshops all year long

To improve the students' welcome

To develop support actions on the campus: discovery of the university education, campus living offers, extracurricular environment (heritage, local cultural offer, sport offer ...etc.)

Be careful | students on international mobilities in France (with Erasmus like programmes) aren't concerned. You have no actions to take. The students who are registered in double-diplomas or individually have to pay "CVEC" to "CROUS" before their administrative registration. Be careful, this action is mandatory. You have to give this proof to the University, without which your registration will not be able to be completed.

Where do I have to take this action: On

Right now, and before your registration in higher studies.

For more information, go to "CVEC of CROUS"

2. Registration at the University

After your arrival in Lille, you will have to make your registration at the University! If you are a student in a exchange programme, depending on your home campus, you have to contact your international relations coordinator who will give you a "dossier" to fill out.If you are a freemover student, procedures are available by profile and by campus on :




  • Roissy- Charles de Gaulle

Trains link hourly Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport to Lille Flandres railway station or Lille Europe railway station. Timetables and reservations :

  • Orly Sud/Orly Ouest

1. Link by way of Orly Val

Take Orly Val up to Antony (8 euros) then take RER B for Saint Rémy les Chevreuses / Massy, stop Gare du Nord. Timetables and reservations :

2. By way of bus

Take Air France Ligne 1 bus, stop at Montparnasse. One way trip costs 11,50 euros. You will have then to reach Gare du Nord railway station. Take the underground up to Porte de Clignancourt, stop at Gare du Nord.

3. By way of RER

  • Walk to Gare du Pont de Rungis / Aéroport d'Orly.
  • Take RER C for Argenteuil / Montigny-Beauchamps, stop at Saint Michel Notre Dame.
  • Take RER B for Charles de Gaulle / Crépy-en-Valois, stop at Gare du Nord.

Timetables and reservations :


Once at Gare du Nord, you can take a train to  Lille (Flandres or Europe).

Timetables and reservations :

Buses also link Paris Bercy to Lille in 3 hours'time, from 14,00 euros for one way ticket. Information and reservations :

  • Lille Lesquin

A shuttle links the airport (gate A) to the city centre of Lille (Euralille shopping centre) The trip lasts about 20 minutes. Timetables and reservations :

  • Bruxelles

A train line regularly links Bruxelles to Bruxelles Midi railway station. Timetables and reservations :

Direct trains (TGV or Eurostar) then link Bruxelles Midi to Lille. Reservations : ou

  • Bruxelles sud/ Charleroi

A shuttle links Charleroi airport to Lille :


  • FROM PARIS : Take A1 motorway for Lille / Villeneuve d'Ascq
  • FROM BELGIUM : Take A14 or A27 motorway for Kortrijk - Rijsel (Lille)

Arriving on campuses

Head office of University of Lille (siège)

  • By car : Follow the direction to Lille Centre, exit Cité Administrative
  • By underground : Line 2 stop Mairie de Lille or Lille Grand Palais

Pont de Bois campus

  • By car : Follow the direction to Villeneuve d'Ascq, exit Pont de Bois
  • By underground : Take the underground for 4 Cantons. Then, get off at Pont de Bois station. Pedestrian access to University is with the footbridge which crosses Pont-de-Bois avenue.

Cité Scientifique campus

  • By car : Follow the direction to Villeneuve d'Ascq, exit
  • By underground : Take the underground for 4 Cantons. Stop at Cité Scientifique or 4 Cantons

For all students

  • If you come in an exchange program, before arriving in France you must justify a social security affiliation in your country of origin that will be requested when you register. It must cover you during the total duration of your stay in France. For European students, you must bring your European Health Insurance Card.
  • If you are a freemover student, from this year, you must pay the Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus (CVEC) ) before making your administrative registration. The mountain for the year 2018-2019 is fixed at 90 euros.
  • Freemover students you should also :

1) Register online at

Before coming to France for your studies, you need to apply for membership in the French social security citizen by signing up via the dedicated website You will need some documents in order to complete your registration.

2) Once you have your temporary number

You are immediately entitled to the reimbursement of your medical expenses by the French health insurance system (health and maternity insurance). If you have an industrial accident or occupational illness, you are also entitled for your medical expenditure and allowance coverage. See : Students : your medical expenditure coverage.

You will receive your permanent social security number.

You will need it to create your ameli account: this is your personal area where you can access all your health insurance services from your PC, mobile device, or tablet: check your reimbursements, download any certificate, contact ann adviser by email, and so on.

Through this account, you can also apply online for the French health insurance card (“carte Vitale”).

N.B.: make sure to appoint a referring doctor (“médecin traitant”) in order for you to have your medical expenses reimbursed at the highest rate.

3) Other documents to submit as determined by your country of origin

Please check this page, in order to know the procedure according your country of origin

MOBLILEX Scholarships

The University of Lille has a mobility scholarship scheme called MOB-LIL-EX. The objective of the scheme is to support, on the basis of the excellence of the projects, the international mobility of students from the University of Lille and its partner universities. The application files are to be withdrawn from the components (Faculty / UFR / Laboratories), are eligible students enrolled at the University of Lille or hosted at the University of Lille as part of a mobility .

For more information, consult the academic section brochure and the research section brochure.

You can also write an email to moblilex@univ-lillefr or inform you about your component (Faculty / UFR / Laboratories).

Terms and timing of calls:

  • May 2019 call :

    Removal of files from the component (Faculty / Faculty / Laboratory) Return of files to the component (according to the dates fixed by the components) Sending of applications classified by the component to the International Mobility Department, deadline is 24/05/2019 - 17h

  • October 2019 call:

    Removal of files from the component (Faculty / Faculty / Laboratory) Return of files to the component (according to the dates set by the components) Sending of applications classified by the component to the International Mobility Department, deadline is 22/11/2019 - 17h

New free service to prepare your arrival in Lille!

For all your administrative procedures, do not hesitate to register on our platform Livin France, it is a free service that will allow you to prepare your arrival in Lille!

International Student Week!

Each year, the International Student Week is dedicated to international and French students. It is an opportunity to network and share around the world by participating in convivial and festive events.

This asset and this state of mind is what International Student Week celebrates from November 15 to 22.
Meetings of information, testimonials, conferences, coffee-languages, photo exhibitions, gastronomy ... during one week take advantage of multiple appointments, discuss and exchange together in a friendly atmosphere, get to know each other and discover the University's partner universities. Lille.

Students, staff, teachers, researchers ... you are all cordially invited to the opening night on Thursday, November 15 from 18:30.

Check out the program soon on: