Towards a merger for Lille's three universities

The merger of the three universities in Lille will allow them to more effectively carry out their public mission in higher education and research, reinforce the national and international recognition of the University, and affirm its role in its region, country and on an international level.

The University of Lille project began to come together as a part of the Plan Campus Programme.

This work has culminated in a partnership agreement, approved by the three boards of directors in the first semester of 2014, as well as the announcement of the universities' merger on January 1rst 2018.

Our partnership agreement focuses on unifying our skills for specific projects that bring together both staff and students.

Governing Bodies and Strategy

The partnership agreement arranges for the universities to share their skills progressively by designating a coordinating establishment by major theme. It establishes the governing bodies and strategy.

  • the Committee of Presidents: The three university presidents who manage the project from a political standpoint,
  • the Operational Committee: composed of three vice presidents and administrative directors, this committee organizes the working groups and ensures the coherence of their themes (academic issues, research, administration, campus life...),
  • the Strategic Committee: composed of the elected members of the board from each of the three universities, outside experts, and the directors of the eight associated schools, this committee accompanies and advises the universities on their progress.
  • Working groups by theme

Staff and students are involved in the process.

Propositions that emerge from this collective effort are examined by the governing bodies of each establishment and the strategic choices are validated by each administrative council.