Disability and studies

The University of Lille is firmly committed to a hands-on approach to support students with disabilities, with a policy of adapting to each individual case as needed. 

Students concerned

The student disability office (BVEH) is available to support students suffering from physical, sensory or mental disabilities, dyslexia or long-term health problems. 


It is very important for you to get in touch with the BVEH as quickly as possible so that adjustments can be made to your studies and exams without delay. Staff at the BVEH are on hand to support, guide and advise you on the best way to tailor your studies and find the right solutions for your particular situation. The deadlines do not apply to situations of temporary disability or proven emergencies.


Adjusting your studies 

Both human and technical forms of support are available*:

  • help taking notes during class
  • adapting documents (magnification, braille transcriptions, digitalisation, etc.)
  • personal study support (tutoring, document searches, etc.)
  • communicational assistance (French sign language interpreter, cued speech, etc.)
  • adjustments to curriculum (contract to spread out course work)
  • photocopier card
  • adapted materials and specific software available to borrow 

Adjusting your exams 

Depending on your situation, exams can be adjusted in the following ways*:

  • a 1/3 increase in writing time allowed
  • adjustments to exam topics
  • dedicated examination secretariat
  • writing on a laptop computer 

(* non-exhaustive list) 

It is important to note that helpers (for essential aspects of daily life) fall under the authority of the MDPH (departmental office for disabled persons). 

Institutional contacts 


So'Lille student association
contact: uah.asso@gmail.com 

contact: handifac.lille1@outlook.com 

contact: dent.dicap@gmail.com 

Handi SUP 
Maison de l'université
76821 Mont-Saint-Aignan Cedex
Tel.: 02 32 76 92 52