Sport for all at the University of Lille

The University of Lille encourages all students to practice sport, whether as part of their curriculum, as a leisure activity or in competition. 

All the info you need is here: 

Different ways to practice

The University of Lille offers all students the chance to practice sport in a way that suits them, whether with an instructor, independently with or without supervision, or in competition.

Sports instructors place emphasis on the specific skills needed for each activity. Course content takes into account motor skills as well as technical, tactical, strategic, regulatory, artistic, cultural and historical dimensions.

  • Graded sport: activities can be graded depending on the student’s curriculum
  • Non-graded sport: from beginners to experts looking to hone their skills
  • Competitive sport: participation in inter-university events, challenges or other competitions 

The University’s department of physical and sports activities (SUAPS) has developed a timetable with slots for students to train independently, with or without supervision. 

  • Supervised activities : the list of timeslots available for supervised physical activities will be made available at the beginning of the academic year on the SUAPS website: 
  • Unsupervised activities :the rules governing unsupervised access to the University of Lille’s sports facilities are currently being drafted.  

The SUAPS organises events on campus allowing students to engage in sports without restrictions in a relaxed (and sometimes competitive) environment. 

Information about scheduled events will be released soon

  • Evening bowling events
  • Fitness and dance Wednesdays
  • Thursday evenings on campus 

Different types of specific student status

Benefiting from a specific status allows you to adjust your studies and/or physical education and sports facilities. 
Whether an elite athlete, disabled student or a student with an intensive sports schedule, you will find all the information you need at