Health is wealth!

Student health centre (SUMPPS): medical, psychological and social support for carefree studies.

Our services are available without upfront payment

Would you like to do a screening test? Perhaps you’re looking for healthcare advice, a vaccine update or medical certificate? Or maybe you need to adapt your studies to a disability or consult one of our staff members about a medical, gynaecological, psychological, dietary or social problem?

The multidisciplinary team at the SUMPPS is on hand to welcome you at one of our 5 locations and continue to support you throughout your studies.

Healthcare services are available without upfront payment upon presentation of your up-to-date Carte vitale (or proof that one has been issued) as well as your private health insurance card if you have one.

Medical, psychological and social care

The cost of screening tests is covered when you register at the University. Tests relate to your lifestyle and issues such as addiction, nutrition, sex life and close relationships, your psychological state and vaccines.

  • Students on bachelor’s programmes are all offered a screening test, either by appointment or by letter to attend.
  • This involves a biometric test and a personalised interview with a nurse.
  • The test will allow you to consult with other healthcare professionals if needed.
  • Consultations with a GP or gynaecologist are available by appointment or in emergencies during the centres’ opening hours. The doctor at the centre does not replace your usual GP but can offer you support throughout your studies.
  • You can also make an appointment to see a midwife to discuss contraception and preventive gynaecological care.
  • Psychologists are on hand to see you by appointment.


Experiencing social or financial difficulties? Our social assistants, in collaboration with the Crous, can meet you by appointment or during office hours:

  • someone to talk to
  • information about financial assistance, social legislation, accommodation options, etc.
  • help completing forms

Your doctor can issue the following as part of consultations:

  • medical certificates to practice or be exempt from sport
  • vaccination certificate
  • certificates requesting continuance of grants and priority for housing (after meeting with the social assistant)

Nurses at the health centres can see you without an appointment:

  • someone to talk to
  • to carry out blood tests, dress wounds, administer injections, etc. (with a doctor’s prescription)


If you are a student with a disability and have requested help from the University’s disability office to adapt your studies and/or examinations, doctors at the centre are available to help you adjust your exam procedures and/or develop a support plan.

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed or have difficulty sleeping?
The health centre is available to listen, offer advice and even contribute to collective care.

The family planning centre offers the following:

  • medical consultations (sexually transmitted diseases, etc.)
  • appointments with a relationship counsellor (love life)
  • someone to talk to, advice on sexuality, contraception (whether urgent or not), pre- and post-elective abortion consultations, pregnancy, maternity and parenthood
  • a midwife is available by appointment for consultations about contraception and preventive gynaecological care

The health centre is available to listen, give advice and follow-up care


Staff at the centre are available to offer first aid awareness-raising sessions and advice on how to manage festive events with a view to obtaining an "attestation soirée responsable" (proof that the event has been organised responsibly, mandatory to secure participation from the FSDIE, a solidarity fund to develop student initiatives).


A dietician is available by appointment at the health centre

Emergency services

Samu (ambulance) dial 15

  • Fire service dial 18
  • Poison control centre dial 0 800 59 59 59
  • Lille University hospital (CHRU) Reception: +33(0)3 20 44 59 62

All emergency contact details

  • Hôpital B CHR Lille (general + psychiatric emergencies 24/7)
    Boulevard du professeur Jules Leclercq - Lille
    Métro CHU-Eurasanté (line 1)
    Tel.: +33(0)3 20 44 61 40
  • SOS Mains / Clinique Lille-sud
    96 Rue Gustave Delory - Lesquin
    Métro Porte des Postes, then bus no. 11 (several bus routes)
    Tel.: 08 26 20 95 75
  • Dental emergencies (Dentistry faculty at CHRU)
    Métro CHU-centre O. Lambret (line 1)
    Place de Verdun - Lille
    Tel.: +33(0)3 20 44 43 47

  • Urgences Tourcoing (reception and A&E)
    155 rue du président Coty – 59208 Tourcoing
  • Hôpital Fontan (crisis centre)
    8:30am to 6:30pm
    Métro CHU-centre O. Lambret (line 1)
    1 rue André Verhaeghe - Lille
    Tel.: +33 (0)3 20 44 60 98

  • Hôpital B CHR Lille (general + psychiatric emergencies 24/7)
    Boulevard du professeur Jules Leclercq - Lille
    Métro CHU-Eurasanté (line 1)
    Tel.: +33(0)3 20 44 61 40

  • CPAA - psychiatric care and admissions (24/7)
    Métro porte de Valenciennes (line 2)
    2 rue Desaix - Lille
    Tel.: +33 (0)3 20 78 22 22 or +33 (0)3 59 35 28 60

  • DAC - crisis facility (24/7)
    135 rue du président Coty – 59208 Tourcoing
    Métro CH Dron (line 2)
    Tel.: +33(0)3 20 69 44 48